How to Clean Your laptop Screen Safely

Your laptop screens are made from highly sensitive materials. These LCD or LED (LED-Backlit Display) screens should be treated with care and should not be treated like the older CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) display that are glass vacuum tubes. Follow the steps below to clean your laptop screen properly and to avoid damaging it. Steps 1 Make sure that your ... Read More »

How to Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money on the internet these days. Everywhere in the world businesses are going online in order to reach vast number of people, hence the need to advertise online. Online advertising therefore has created the means for people to make money online. You too can get a share of advert money and earn a living ... Read More »

How to Install Software on a Computer

A is any set of machine-readable instructions or computer program that directs a computer’s processor to perform specific operations. Software can be installed on a computer from a floppy disk, Memory Card, CD, DVD or from your Hardware. We assume you have a computer running a Microsoft Windows. Follow the instructions below to install any software on your Windows computer. ... Read More »

How to Create Multiple Authors’ Blog with Blogger

I am sure you have seen multi-author blogs on different platforms like WordPress and Wiki sites. If you manage a blog with Google’s blogger platform, you can also add many authors to post on your blog. With this feature, everyone on your team can help create different engaging content for your readers to enjoy.    Step 1 Sign into your ... Read More »

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook

Due to popular demand, i am going to start this series with affiliate marketing. I am going to show you how i do affiliate marketing using Facebook with or without a website. Now making money with affiliate marketing is easy to do if you know the basics. I see a lot of Nigerians are into blogging and are scared when ... Read More »

Promo Nigeria Publishers Reviews: Make Additional Online Revenue.

Now i don’t do blogging that much for now but i saw this online and just decided to share it with you guys. I don’t have the intention monetizing this blog, but may change my mind later on. If blogging is your thing, now you can make additional online revenue with promo Nigeria publishers network. Maybe you just want alternative ... Read More »

Facebook Twitter AdSense e-Course Now Free to Download

Today’s post is a short one and I know I am going to ruffle some feathers with what I am about to do. I am about to offer my Facebook Twitter AdSense Tornado course for free. I sold that course for #3,000 but now it is completely free. Now that might sound like some injustice to those who bought the ... Read More »

How to Collect Your Clickbank Earnings in Nigeria

Today’s post is on how to collect your Clickbank’s earnings in Nigeria. If you are planning to be a ClickBank affiliate but don’t know how to get your payment, now this is the solution. Now I have been a Clickbank affiliate for some few years now although through the backdoor. I had a hard time getting my earnings plus some ... Read More »

How to Make Money on Fiverr – Detailed Tutorial 2016

Hi everyone. I am Abiola Oluwasanmi, an internet marketer of repute. I own this blog and I am going to be teaching you all about internet marketing. I will be covering all internet marketing models. Affiliate marketing, product creation, freelancing, blogging, marketing, SEO etc. I am going to start this blog with a tutorial on freelancing. The best freelancing site ... Read More »