How to Build Quality Backlinks to Your Fiverr Account with Profile Link

Backlinks are links on other sites, linking (or pointing) back to your site. For example, you write an article and publish it to In your author bio, you list your website, you’ve just created a backlink to your site and in this case, your Fiverr account. Search engines look at the quantity and quality of backlinks to your site ... Read More »

How to Create Video for Your Fiverr Gig

I am working on a video to show you guys how to create videos for your fiverr gigs. When fiverr tells you video does help, they mean it. Since i started using videos, i have increased my sales and its going up. One fear people have about video is the fear of speaking or showing your face. But no we ... Read More »

Have You Tried Christmas Offer Tip Yet?

Have you tried the christmas season offer yet? I told you about the holiday offer bonus i just added to some of my gigs and its really paying off. I created a gig for holiday Christmas family cards on my logo account and offered 2 cards for the price of 1 before 15th of Dec. I just made 2 sales ... Read More »

Watch Your Stats

Now a lot of people don’t watch their stats in their backend and some who do don’t know what to do with it. For me if i see a stat like 140K views with no sales, i see a gig that is going to perform. Its either i am doing something wrong or i my sales pitch is not good ... Read More »

How to Be Successful at Solo Ads Gigs

Now as much as you would like to join everyone else selling solo ads, you should be careful how you go about it. True, solo ads gig is now hot and i am making money off of it too. The truth about solo ads is that not many of the methods used result in sales, opts in or leads for ... Read More »

Fiverr Promotion Part 5

Good morning guys. This morning i will share with you one of my best traffic generation methods. Its one of the best places to get traffic from. Its the Fiverr Forum. Now this is one method i was not willing to share but since i am so nice like that, why not.I bet you didn’t know this but Fiverr allows ... Read More »

How to Make at Least $100 Daily on Fiverr as a Logo Designer

Now from time to time, i will be offering free eBooks on Fiverr Marketing. I have two already written which i gave away in my Fiverr Marketing Facebook group.  Logo Designer eBook now available for free download. This course is a free Fiverr course on how to make money on fiverr designing graphics without having any graphics skills whatsoever. I ... Read More »