CPA marketing is one of the finest ways to make money online. CPA or Cost Per Action/Acquisition marketing is a part of affiliate marketing which is based solely on qualifying actions such as registrations or sales.

While in traditional affiliate marketing, you get paid when a lead buys something you are promoting, in CPA marketing, you get paid for any action.

Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing

Most CPA offers include actions like:

  • Filling out a form
  • Email submits
  • Getting an estimate or quote
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Download/Install
  • Sales

You could get paid from as little as $0.27 to up to $70 depending on the offer and action. Some actions involves a single step to get paid. That is your lead only need to complete the action on the first page and then you qualify for the commissions. Some actions involve three page steps. You lead will have to complete the 3 steps for you to get paid.

Most CPA offers are available in countries like US, UK, France, Australia and Canada. That means that only leads from these countries will make you money. For you to be successful with CPA marketing, the traffic from these countries are what you will target. But most of them accept affiliates from most countries of the world including Nigeria.

How to Find Good Offer to Promote

Finding good offers to promote is essential and there are online tools for this. Good websites to go to to find good offers include and These sites list most of the offers available on many CPA networks. Its like the consolidation of all networks and offers available in many categories.

One site i love to visit is The site is much more easier to navigate and they list offers from different categories right on the front page. You can search offers using the search areas on the top part of the home page.

You can sort the offers by average EPC and other metrics that can give you insights to what offers are doing the best. You can sort by offer name, category, payout, type, network, or the last time promotion was updated. You can further search desktop or mobile offers, type of promotions, by country, the newest offers and their featured offers. Its so easy with offervault.

Look through the offers and click on one and that will lead you to the page where you will see the offer, network name, category, type of offer and a link to see the landing page of this offer. The conversion of most offers depend on the landing page so you have to check out this landing page to see if its something that will convert.

First you need a website before you apply. You just set up a WordPress site and add contents to it. Just go to offervault and find something that interest you. Write some couple of posts on your blog. You can add links to these offers directly. This is just to make sure that you have something going on this site.

You will need the site when you are applying. Of course when you finally get approved you can change the links on your blog to your affiliate links. That’s the way its done.
Top CPA offers

The top CPA offers are offers in the top niches like diet, dating, weight loss and self help. What i do really is look for free offers to promote. Most offers that involve just submitting email or email/zip code and its a one step process are easy to make money from.

These kinds of offers pay the least but its much easier and the conversion is the highest. Most offers that involve 3 steps or involves sales and filling of forms convert less but they pay more.

How to Join CPA networks

Joining CPA networks is easy if you know the process and what to do. You have to realize that most of these CPA networks are looking for affiliates with experience. They don’t want newbies or someone that does not know what to do.

To join a network, all you have to do is go to the site and click to sign up as a publisher. For most networks you have to go through 2-4 approval processes. You will have to add your contact information like address, email and upload your ID. Its best you add accurate details or else your application will be denied.

Make sure your email is a custom one, like Create an email that goes with your website URL. This makes you look like a professional. This means that you need to have a website before you apply. CPA networks are different from traditional affiliate sites that will accept you even without a website.

At the end of the registration process some will even call your phone to really confirm if you are real or not. They will ask you questions on what you filled out and about your experience with CPA marketing but most networks don’t.

One crucial step is where you you will be asked about your marketing strategy. This step is really crucial and this step is where they really look out for someone with experience or someone that is new. Make sure you state clearly your marketing strategies. How you will promote your offers.

One secret is this, always mention using Facebook ads, Google Adwords and email marketing as your marketing strategies. Those are the marketing methods with the best conversions and its what most advertisers want. Don’t ever mention using Facebook pages or forums or any free promotional methods. Although you can take advantage of that in your marketing but they should not be mentioned here.

You can explain a little further how you do some of your promotions and the results you have had so far with the networks you are a part of now. The approvals process takes within 3-4 days for Peerfly for example. For some it takes just a day. You can speed up the approval by contacting them directly by phone and discuss with the approval department.

Note that at times you will be rejected. Anybody can be rejected but you have a chance of contacting their approval team to discuss with them. When i joined Peerfly, i was rejected the first time. At first i was accepted and just when i was about getting my affiliate ID, another team member told me the second day that my application has been rejected.

Then i contacted Corey Englaender who is in charge of Account Compliance & Integrity and i was accepted back. The dude is a cool dude and you just have to be honest with him and appear like you know what you are doing. You can contact their team here.

Top CPA networks to join include, adwork media, peerfly, maxbounty, cpalead and There are hundreds of others but you don’t need to join many networks. Right now i am a member of 3 networks but only active with two. These two networks have all offers i want to promote.

How to Promote your Offers

Once you have a site and are accepted, then you can promote your offers with many promotional methods like Facebook ads and email marketing. You can join forums and add your links to your signature. You can also create a Facebook page but do not link directly to offers from your page. Link from your Facebook page to your own website and then your traffic can click on to your offer.

Getting Paid

Most CPA networks pay with PayPal and some with Payoneer. If you don’t have a PayPal account then you can opt for direct deposit via Payoneer. Top CPA networks that accept Payoneer include adwork media, peerfly, maxbounty, cpalead, ad2ads, and

Learn how to get a Payoneer Account

Some networks pay monthly while some pay weekly after the first month. A network like maxbounty pays weekly after first month.

CPA marketing is an easy way to get paid for referrals online and you should join and start earning too.

Check out some useful High quality video training resources for CPA marketing.

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