Email marketing is one thing most people don’t understand how it works. It is one method of making money that is here to stay especially if you sell your own products or you are an affiliate marketer.

Sending helpful promotional emails to your subscribers is a way to make money on autopilot.
One thing is for sure, some people hate getting promotional emails but that does not mean that everyone hates it. in fact email marketing is one of the most reliable sales method beside selling on your website.

Most social media sites nowadays do not tolerates affiliate links not even with the use of short URL shorteners. So if you want to increase the amount of money you make online, you need to learn to use this promotional method.

Most big online and offline companies now use email marketing to get more sales and also retain most of their past customers.

Note that in addition to email marketing however, you should use social marketing with sites like twitter and Facebook.

What You Can Use Email Marketing for

Sell Your Products

If you have products to sell, then building email list is a must. It helps improve sales and besides the fact that your subscribers already know you and if they trust you they are more likely to buy from you compared to buying from a total stranger.

Retain Your Customers

If you do sell your own product, you should learn to retain any one who buys from you. Therefore collecting their email at the point of sales means that you have the chance to promote other products you have.

There are reports that most product owners sell to some of their buyers over and over again just because they are able to send promotional or retention emails to them from time to time. If a buyer loves your first product, there is a good chance that he will buy another product you have and that he needs.

Make Affiliate Sales

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you know the days of pasting your links on social media sites like Facebook and twitter is gone. These days, most ClickBank links are flagged as spam even if you cloak it with a URL shortener.

I mean practically you can not promote affiliate links on Facebook page or personal page anymore unless you redirect your fans to your website. But with email marketing, you can promote your links in your email and your subscribers will buy through your links and make you money from time to time.

CPA Marketing

Another form of marketing where you need email marketing is CPA marketing. Most CPA networks accept this form of advertising and it works well if you are promoting email/zip offers. since your subscribers don’t have to buy anything, they will surely click on your links and make you money.


Another way email marketing is effective in long term sales is it enables you to interact with your subscribers. You can from time to time, email your list about a news you read and other things like making them aware of your new blog post and wishing them a happy holiday season.

You are more likely to get buyers this way because you are building a relationship with them. People like when you interact with them and are likely to buy a recommended product from you if they want it.

How to Make Email Marketing Work for You

Send helpful and valuable promotional emails with no sales pitch. People hate when you want to sell something to them especially in an email. Instead of telling them to buy something, you can send them an email about a new product you just read about that will save them money or make them money or something that you are using that is making life easier for you.

In the email you can add the affiliate link without sounding like you are promoting a product. This way, you are making sales without necessarily selling something.

You should also make sure you interact with your subscribers from time to time. Wish them a happy Christmas, independence day, Easter, whatever the holiday. This is is a way to build a good relationship that will continue to yield you money.

Use of Auto-responders

I will like to state that you can collect email lists in WordPress for example using some plugin and message your list but most of the time it does not work well and you can even run into spam filters.

The most reliable way of collecting emails is using auto-responder services. Autoresponders are email services that deliver email automatically as configured. There are paid and free autoresponders and there are advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

If you are just starting out, just use a free autoresponder service just so you can learn the basics of email marketing. The disadvantage of using a free autoresponder is that, the service provider will stuff the emails with their own advertisement thus reducing your ability to make your own sales.

With premium autoresponder service like aweber, you get an email service that is easy to use and work on autopilot. You can set a years email notification in there and forget it and your emails will be delivered as at when due.

Messages from Aweber or other premium services don’t get filtered by anti-spam features and will always get delivered.

The only disadvantage for beginners is the high price tag. But if you have a sizable number of subscribers, you can import them into these paid autoresponder services and it will pay for itself in no time.

These are Great Resources to Get Started with Email Marketing.



  1. Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing can be done to either sold lists or a current customer database.

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