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How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Creating a sitemap on your website helps search engines bots/crawlers to crawl, categorize and index your content at a faster rate. You can create, verify and submit your site’s sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools. If you have a blog or website on Blogger platform, then it is easy to submit your site’s sitemap since your site is already a verified ... Read More »

How to Insert Table in Blog Post: Blogger or WordPress

Inserting tables in blog posts in either Blogger or WordPress using the post editor is difficult. Even with a good knowledge of HTML, it is time consuming. There are however good ways to add tables to your blog posts without using HTML. There are many tools to use to design tables. After designing the table, you can now import the ... Read More »

How to Create Feedburner RSS Feed for Your Blogger Blog

Feedburner is a free service by Google which allows your readers subscribe to your site  content. It has great features that allows you to optimize, deliver and track your content. Feedburner lets you see how many people are reading your feed each day, where they are coming from, what browser they are using, what type of feed reader they used, ... Read More »

How to Add Feedburner Email Subscription Box to Blogger

FeedBurner email is a service that allows publishers to deliver their feed content to subscribers via email. FeedBurner Email is a free service. Enabling this free email service is easy and we are going to teach you how to do that here with screenshots. Step 1 Go to into your feedburner account, sign in with your Google account and select ... Read More »

How to Create Multiple Authors’ Blog with Blogger

I am sure you have seen multi-author blogs on different platforms like WordPress and Wiki sites. If you manage a blog with Google’s blogger platform, you can also add many authors to post on your blog. With this feature, everyone on your team can help create different engaging content for your readers to enjoy.    Step 1 Sign into your ... Read More »