How to Download Music from CDs Onto a Computer

Downloading your music on your computer is a nice way to enjoy music while working on your computer. CDs also tend to scratch over time, so downloading the music onto your computer hard drive is a way to protect the CD content. There are many software for downloading and playing music on your computer. We are going to teach you ... Read More »

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows Using Windows Paint

You have probably seen screenshots on different websites or blogs and you are wondering how it is done. There are many software out there for taking screenshots. Some are paid software while some are free. But you don’t have to buy a software to take screenshots. You can take that same screenshots yourself on your windows computer whether xp, vista, ... Read More »

How to Connect PC/Laptop/Computer to Your TV

Sometimes you might want to connect your PC/laptop/computer to your TV for one reason or the other. You can do this by wired or wireless connections. PCs using windows do not support wireless connections for now but if you are using MacBook Pro or similar Apple products, you can wirelessly stream your Apple laptop or desktop display to your TV ... Read More »

How to Clean Your laptop Screen Safely

Your laptop screens are made from highly sensitive materials. These LCD or LED (LED-Backlit Display) screens should be treated with care and should not be treated like the older CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) display that are glass vacuum tubes. Follow the steps below to clean your laptop screen properly and to avoid damaging it. Steps 1 Make sure that your ... Read More »

How to Install Software on a Computer

A is any set of machine-readable instructions or computer program that directs a computer’s processor to perform specific operations. Software can be installed on a computer from a floppy disk, Memory Card, CD, DVD or from your Hardware. We assume you have a computer running a Microsoft Windows. Follow the instructions below to install any software on your Windows computer. ... Read More »