How to Take Screenshots on Windows with Windows Snipping Tool

Taking screenshots on your computer PC is really easy..  There are many tools you can use for this but there is a free tool that comes with your Windows. Its called Sniping tool.

This Snipping tool can be used to take a screenshot on your computer. You can take a full screen shot, free form, Window or a rectangular area of your screen. Follow the guide below to learn how to do this.

Make sure you are on the page you want to take a shot of. Click on the “Start” button and in the search box, type in “Snipping tool”. Click on the tool and then a pop up will show.

snipping tool

Click on new to draw around an area you want to take a shot of. You do that by dragging your cursor around the area you want in the shot. After you have selected the area, Go to “file” and save as JPEG, PNG or GIF.

You can choose other options like full screen shot, free form or irregular shape and Window. That’s simply how to take a screenshot with the snipping tool.

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