How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – Detailed Tutorial

Affiliate marketing is probably the finest and easiest way to make sustainable amount of money online. Its the first model I went into when I got online and I have been very successful with it. I make money promoting different products on my review websites.

I also do CPA marketing which is related to affiliate marketing but we are going to focus on affiliate marketing in this report. I might have to say a little about CPA marketing somewhere in the report so that you get a good idea of how that works too.

First you need to know what to expect as you prepare for the money making journey. Internet marketing is not something you can start today and learn everything in a day and start making money right away.

You will need to learn and apply what you have learnt to make it work. You will encounter trials and disappointments and if you can’t deal with that, you are likely to quit. Most people have quit and it takes mental toughness to get through and be a success in this.

I am not trying to scare you or something. If I can do it, so can you. There is a lot of money to be made online doing different stuffs. You just have to learn it, do it, be patient, work hard and then get paid.

Read these blog posts I wrote on my blog on how internet marketing and your mindset work together. Read the 10 pillars of internet business and also The Internet Marketing Mindset – Key to Online Success.

Those posts will teach you a lot about how internet marketing works generally and prepare you for what to expect in your online marketing journey.

So my friend, welcome to the world of internet marketing and the world of a model called Affiliate Marketing. As I said before, its probably the easiest way to make lots of money online so you will enjoy reading this.

Lets get right to it.

Principles of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which a merchant gives a commission to an affiliate for promoting and generating a sale on his behalf. It works in such a way that the affiliate is giving an agreed percentage for each sale an he helps make.

Let me put it in a lay man’s language. You know the Ibo guys that sell electronics right or general goods? Yes if you have ever gone to buy electronics yourself at any places where you have Ibo boys, you will notice some guys beckon on potential buyers.

They don’t own a store there or even have anything of their own to sell. Their job is to find buyers and refer them to any seller and if the buyer buys, the seller will give them commission for bringing in the buyer. Its that simple.

So this guys make money without having a store or owning their own wares. They just refer buyers to sellers and get paid. The more buyers they refer in a day, the more they make.

And best part is that they don’t work for one seller. They refer buyers to different sellers. Whatever a buyer needs, as long as there is a seller for it, they take them to any seller of their choice.

That’s how affiliate marketing works. Except this time, it works online. You get recruited online to find buyers. You refer buyers to the seller’s online store and when the person you refer buys something, you get paid an agreed commission. Everything happens online without any physical contact.

I hope I have been able to break that down in a way a layman would understand. So let me tell you more about how it works online. First I need you to know the terms used online. Yes the Ibo guy whose job is to find customers, the seller, the store, the share he gets etc. have terms used in affiliate marketing.

I will make you understand the terms and some acronyms used.

Affiliate Marketing Terms

Affiliate: An affiliate is someone who promotes a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for a fixed fee as rewards for sales made.

Merchant: In affiliate marketing merchant means the owner of a product. That’s the owner of the store I used in the analogy above. Merchants recruits people who will help them get customers and they are willing to give these referrals a certain percentage of the sales amount.

Most merchants handles this system themselves and they pay the referrals directly after an agreed amount of days as long as sale is made. Some merchants however call on some people to handle this process for them.

Affiliate Networks: Affiliate network is a company that acts like an intermediary between the merchants and the affiliates.

This allows the merchants get more and more affiliates to promote their products, thereby increasing sales. Examples of Affiliate networks include Aliexpress, Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction or CJ.

Affiliate Link. Affiliate link is a series of letters and numbers which contains unique ID numbers given to Affiliates for use in links they place on their website. Also known as Hoplink (Clickbank) or affiliate code or affiliate ID.

Each affiliate has unique numbers and that’s how the merchants or affiliate networks know who refers who to their website.

A link that includes a TID may look something like this:

If a visitor to an affiliate clicks on that, he will be led to and if he buys the product, the owner of that site or the affiliate network responsible knows that the affiliate with a unique ID of 123 (represented by tid=123) is responsible for that sale. So he gets paid for the sale.

Leads: A lead, in affiliate marketing context, is a visitor or a potential sales contact that expresses an interest in goods or services by clicking on an affiliate link on a website.

Leads can be tracked and the percentage of leads that buys can be calculated.

Landing Page: This is the website or sales page or online store where the affiliate directs all leads to. This is the page that all visitors or potential customers visit to see what the product is all about.

All merchants have a landing or sales page and the better the design or ads on it, the better the conversion.

Cookie: A cookie is a technology that works with web browsers to store information like user preferences, login or registration information, and shopping cart contents. Have you ever opted-in to have a website “remember” your password and username for one of your online accounts? That’s a cookie.

In affiliate marketing, one task that cookies manage is to remember the link or ad the visitor to a website clicks on. Cookies can also store the date and time of the click, they can even be used to remember what kind of websites or content you like most.

There are many different types of web cookies and uses, but the kind of cookie affiliate marketing relies on is called a first-party cookie. This means that if a visitor referred through your affiliate link does not purchase the product on their first visit, but they come back within cookie validity period and purchase at that time, you get paid.

Some sites have only 24 hour cookie validity period, some 30 days while some sites give lifetime cookie validity period. Amazon cookie last only for 24 hours while Clickbank cookie last up to 60 days.

Commission: This is the fixed fee or percentage affiliates are paid. Commission range from 4% to about 75% depending on the merchant or network. Amazon for example pays 4%-8.5% commission, while with Clickbank, you can earn up to 75% commission on any digital product.

The amount you make per sale depends on the cost price of the item more than the percentage. A $500 product on amazon can fetch you up to $40 at 8% commission while a $50 product on Clickbank will earn you $37.5 at 75% commission.

Affiliate manager: Affiliate manager is  someone that works with affiliate networks and cover all aspects of developing and optimizing an affiliate program. They provide expertise, identify high potential opportunities and execute campaigns to maximize performance.

Some networks provide affiliate managers to help affiliates in their marketing campaigns.

CPA: This means cost per acquisition or cost per action, a payment model where an advertiser pays for each qualifying action made by the end user in response to an ad.

Such qualifying actions normally fall into one of these categories: sales, completions of registration or other website forms, and confirming the end user’s interest in the advertiser’s product/service.

EPC – This means Earnings Per Click. That is the average affiliate program’s payout, generally calculated based on one hundred clicks. This metric is one of the key ones used by affiliates to determine how attractive and promising an affiliate program is.

To calculate their EPC, affiliates divide the total number of clicks they generate by their total earnings. Such simple calculation gives them their earnings per click.

CTR: Click-through rate or click-through ratio. A metrics used to measure response to advertising. CTR reflects the percentage of website visitors who click a particular link. This percentage is calculated based on the average number of click-throughs per 100 ad impressions.

If you are running a paid model of promotion like PPC, then this metric is important to determine is your ad is profitable or not.

Anchor Text: Refers to the hyper-linked words on a web page i.e. the words you click on when you click a link on a website. These are an important consideration in trying to get your website favourably rated by a search engine.

The anchor text words are best written to describe what the information is you are linking to. For example, best affiliate marketing program is an anchor text that leads to Affiliate Code System sales page.


Now those are some of the major terms used in affiliate marketing. There are more acronyms you will learn on your own along the way but that’s the major terms you need to know.

So in a nutshell, what we will learning is how to sign up as an affiliate of a particular product with the merchant and be given a unique code to paste on your website or social media sites. If someone were to click and buy via your affiliate link, you get credit for that sale and then you are eligible for the commission.

Its as simple as that. We are not creating product or handling sales or discussing with the leads or anything. You will just send someone to a site and get paid. Nothing is as simple as that in internet marketing.

Difference Between Affiliate and CPA Marketing

Before we go further, let me tell you the difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. While affiliate marketing is the general term for the method of marketing that involves getting commissions for sales, CPA marketing is same but you get paid for any action taken instead of outright sales.

For CPA marketing you get paid for actions such as an impression, click, form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in or sale.

Your lead does not have to buy anything, although some actions involve sales. For example, in the ad banner below, you get paid if your lead enters his email and sign up for the offer. Its as simple as that.


cpa marketing


Some actions could be to fill an address, phone number, names and emails. If your leads do that, you get paid. >>Read more about CPA Marketing>>

Classes of Affiliate Products

Now lets get to work and let me teach you how to start. Now you know the terms and you know how the model works. To get in and start making money with it, you have to join an affiliate network, get approved, do research, set up your own website, add your affiliate links, promote your links, get leads, make sales and finally get paid.

That’s the whole steps from beginning to the end. But before all that, we need to figure out what it is you want to promote. There are many types of products to promote. We have different classes of products.

You can promote virtually anything. These are the 3 classes of products to promote in affiliate marketing.

There are physical products, digital products and online programs affiliate products. Amazon for example deals in physical products, even though they still sell some digital items like kindles eBooks.

Clickbank is a digital products affiliate network. All they have on their site are digital products or eBooks.

The third type of product you can promote are online programs like membership sites affiliate programs or email marketing services like aweber or getresponse programs.

You can promote any of the three classes of products and it does not matter which of them you go with. In fact you can promote all three and make more money.

But I always encourage anyone going into affiliate marketing to start with one class of products. Then find a good affiliate network to join and start doing your research to pick products to promote.

If you want to promote physical products then you can start with Amazon. Amazon is the largest affiliate network in the world and they have all physical products you can think of from toys to electronics to phones, clothing, books, Kindles etc.

How to Choose Profitable Niches and Product

Choosing the product to promote is really critical to how well you perform. The only way you make many sales is when you promote high ticket items ( Items or products that have a high value and cost) or products that is high in demand. But there are many different products in different markets. Its called niche in internet marketing.

For example we have the health niche which include the diet and weight loss sub niches. We have online marketing niche, arts, ant/entertainment, business, computer, parenting, cooking etc. Each of these niches could further be sub-divided into many more.

To get good idea of niches, go to and look at the categories in the marketplace. Those are different niches.

But products to promote in a niche here could be physical or digital product. For instance in the weigh loss niche, you could promote a dumbbell and also a fitness eBook. One is a physical product while the other is a digital product but they are products in the same weight loss and fitness niche.

Now you need to find which of these many niches are profitable. When I mean profitable, I mean products in a market that is in high demand.

I recommend that you go after a niche that has the potential to be the most profitable, you also need to be willing to publicly associate yourself with that niche and do whatever it takes to bring value to.

You will need to put yourself out there as an authority in that niche. Choose a topic you can push through without losing interest. Topics that you would love to learn more about and immerse yourself in? That’s the way to make money online.

(You need to take a look at my 10 pillars of online business and you will that it applies here too).

The best niches for me include niches such as diets and weight loss in the health super-niche, embarrassing problems, quit smoking, make money and medical issues to name but a few.

Most of the consumers in this niche are looking for a ‘magic bullet’ (or magic pill in the case of weight loss) and aren’t really willing to put the effort into losing weight, making money online or improving their confidence so they can meet the opposite sex for example.

These are hot ticket niches. You can promote a combination of physical and digital products in any niche you choose or just go with one class of product.

I love the make money online niche. I have passion for it and its something i cannot lose interest in. it is also very profitable. So its possible for me to promote products in the make money niche on Clickbank and on Jvzoo.

I used to be very active in the weight loss niche. That was the first niche I went into and I was ranking for some long tail keywords that bring in few sales here and there.

I fell in love with the make money niche and I have since been promoting ever good make money offer.

After choosing a niche, you need to find out how profitable a product you pick to promote in that niche is doing. You don’t want to just promote anything just because the niche is a very good one.

You need to find out if the particular product is selling well because that’s the only way you make sales and get commissions.

So to start with product selection, you need to do some keyword research.

Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Planner Tool

The best starting point is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool. This is a free tool, but it can only be accessed by signing up for a Google AdWords account. It’s absolutely worth signing up, as this tool has been the bedrock of SEO and keyword research campaigns for years.


keyword tool


The keyword planner provides some really good keyword research options. You do need a Google adwords account but that doesn’t force you to advertise. One thing to be careful of is the keyword match types.  You can only view the average number of searches using an ‘Exact’ match.

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of queries that visitors would ideally use to find your chosen product, you’ll want to enter those into the keyword research tool. By doing so, you’ll discover whether people are actually searching for those keyword phrases. You’ll also be given a large list of related queries that you can use to form your final list of terms.

For example lets say you have decided to promote “Kindle devices” on Amazon. The ideal phrase that should come to mind would be “Kindle devices” or “Kindle device” or “kindle gadget” or “Kindle”. Just pick one and type it into the product and service box.

Make your country USA just to see the search volume from that country. (US is the country with most buyers of items online and its always used to check how profitable a product will be)

Click “get ideas” and pick “keyword ideas”. You will get the volume of searches per month for the keyword you enter and also related keyword phrases. A product with average of monthly searches close to 700 like this one is a good product to promote.


keyword tool results


After doing keyword research and i have products to promote, all you need to do is choose one. However there are other things to do beside keyword research using the keyword tool.

What you need to also do is look out for some metrics the affiliate networks use to give affiliates a guess of what is profitable. Its different for each network.

When I was promoting Amazon products, I would always look at the best sellers in each category and see if I could build something around that. I was promoting weight loss products like diet pills, fitness DVDs and fitness tools.

What i look for include

1. If product has at least 4 stars out of 5. The higher the rating, the more likely people will buy.
2. If product has lots of customer reviews.
3. High Priced products
4. High number of global searches
5. High number of local searches (United states)

For Clickbank products, here are some key things to look out for when choosing a product to promote:

1. Try to find products that payout 60% to 75% commission
2. Make sure the landing page has quality design with video and a ad copy
3. Make sure the products offer good support and advice for affiliates
4. Look for plenty of resources such as keyword lists and good banner ads.

For most, they will simply choose the best selling products to sell after deciding on a particular category in the Clickbank marketplace. But in order for you to maximize your earnings, the approach should be selling the products with the most profit margin, not necessarily products that are easy to sell.

One useful indicator most marketers and even Clickbank suggest is gravity. The higher the gravity, the higher the chances of making sales. While it works sometimes, some days I just pick products that has a nice looking sales page and good copy.

Joining Affiliate Networks

Joining any affiliate network is easy. All you need is go to any network’s website, click on the sign up link and add the details they need. Most of the networks would ask for your contact details and website URL.

Some networks do not ask for website URL but for networks that do, it means you have to have a website before you can apply.

For Clickbank, just add your details as demanded above and then you will get a response if you have been approved or not. Some sites don’t accept affiliates from Nigeria and that include Clickbank.




There is not even Nigeria on their list which means you either not sign up or you sign up as a National of another country.


sign up for clickbank


For Clickbank, you can sign up as an American or a UK resident. All you need to do is get any address of the country you want to use and apply. You can get an address off a yellow page of that country. You don’t even need to use a VPN to login or anything. Just sign up and you will be accepted.

For networks that required you to have a website, you have a higher chance of getting approved if you have a good website and a custom email address that goes with your website.

For example and the custom email makes you really look like a professional and that’s what they love.

Setting Up Your Website

You need a website or blog to actually make good money doing affiliate marketing. While you can make money with affiliate marketing without a website, having a website is essential if you want to be really successful doing this.

You can get a free website on web 2.0 sites or you can host your own website yourself. If you want to use a free software/host like blogger, then all you need to do is get a domain name for under $10 at Namecheap. They accept your Naira MasterCard or any debit card in Nigeria.

Don’t use a free domain name like That’s not professional and most people don’t to see a review site with a name like that.

If you want to host your own website, then use WordPress to design your website. Why I love WordPress is that it has many plugins you can use to boost affiliate sales.

Then get a hosting account from a host like Namecheap or Hostgator. Namecheap is way cheaper and they have good flexible plans. I don’t advice you go with local host when building affiliate sites. They are just not reliable.

Get a host that you can contact on live support to deal with any problems you might have with your hosting account. Namecheap and Hostgator have good support and your websites is safe with any of them.

Install WordPress on your host server and get a quality theme to give your site a nice neat appearance.

Types of Affiliate Websites

There are 3 types of affiliate sites to build for yourself and that depends on your niche and what you can handle.

Micro-Niche & Single Niche Website

This is site built to target one specific item and nothing more. For example you can build a site to promote a single product like Sony air conditioner. That kind of site is meant for Sony air conditioner and nothing more.

Some affiliates who build this kind of site buy a domain name with the main keyword in it like Few years ago that domain is enough to get your website get ranked for that keyword.

That has changed since Google Panda and the other algorithm changes that followed. But what I am trying to let you know is that, that site was bought to target Sony air conditioners and nothing more. Its a single product micro-niche website.

link sample

You can also build a site for all air conditioners which means you can promote any air conditioner of all brands.  This kinds of websites are good for promoting Amazon products. Its easy to maintain a site like this because you are tightly focused on a specific or group of products.

Multiple-Product Single-Niche Website

You can also set up a website promoting multiple products in a niche. Lets say you decide to go a little further and you want to promote electronics. This means a website that promotes air conditioners, TVs, Home theater, DVD players instead of focusing on one item only.

Its just like a site on make money promoting any make money products be it software, eBooks, internet programs etc. A website that targets multiple products in a single niche. This is the best kinds of website to build.

Multiple-Products Multiple-Niches Website

Example of a website like this is You can set up your website to promote items in different niches.

This kind of website is not easy to maintain. Only corporations can handle this kinds of website. I made a mistake of trying to build a site like this when I started.

major affiliate site

After months of build this website, I gave up cause I just could not compete.

If you can manage a site like this, then go ahead and build one.

Although I advice you to build a website you can manage well. A website built to cater for one niche is okay. You can promote many products on it but tightly focused on one niche.

Adding Content to Your Website

Adding content to you site is easy with WordPress. All you need is create a post or if you  prefer a static appearance, create a page.

All you basically will be doing is writing reviews of products you want to promote. For example, if you are promoting Affiliate Code System, all you need to do is write a review of the product.

Talk about the program, what it is about, the pros, cons, features, benefits etc. Your job is to convince a reader to buy the product. Your ability to make the visitor on your website believe that the program is the solution to their online success, he buys and you get a commission.

Just read about the program sales page and then summarize the whole copy in your own words. You have to bring your copywriting skills to bear here and that will help you a lot to convince your leads to buy.

The word count does not matter. If you can put across your message in 200 words, no problem and if it takes 2,000 words for you to do that, its okay.

Sometimes its okay to buy a product just to see how it works then test it and write a review on it. This is good if the product you are promoting is a software. You can buy it, use and have a better things to write about the product.

I buy most tools that I need and if its just too good, I will create a video on how to use it, post it on YouTube or on my video review website. I make lots of commissions this way because people like to see how things like this works before they buy.

After writing the reviews, then you will add your unique affiliate links somewhere on the page.

How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Website

Its just the same way you would add any link to a website or blog. You will get an affiliate link like Copy that and add it to where you want it on your site.

Highlight any word or keyword you want to link to the site, then click on the hyperlink icon. In this example lets say the anchor text we want to use is “Aweber’s Autoresponder”. Highlight the word and then click on the hyperlinked icon.


how to add affiliate links


Then in the pop up that comes up, add your affiliate link in the URL space, add title, click “add link” and you are done. The words will be hyperlinked and clickable.


how to insert affiliate links

That’s all you need to do and you have successfully added your affiliate link to your review page.

Your keyword will appear as clickable and if your visitors click on the anchor text, it will lead them to and your unique ID will be attached to that lead. If he buys you get commission for the sale.

There is also banners provided by the merchants for you to use. You can link to the landing page with the banners.

But at times its good to hide your affiliate links so that some people don’t remove your affiliate ID and deny your the credit. I don’t why people do that but I guess some are just bitter and feels like just denying your that commission.

How to Hide Affiliate Links

I don’t do all the time but at times I do. You can hide your affiliate link so that your lead does not see your affiliate ID. You can hide or cloak your links with many tools. There are free link cloaking plugins like Pretty link or Simple URLs.

The lite version of Pretty link is free and very effective. Once installed on your website, you can use it to hide links. So instead of them seeing something like, all they will see is or some random numbers generated by the link cloaking tool.

There are also paid online based tools like linktrackr, LinkShield, Improvely. They are good web based tools that create professional-looking links and make your links cleaner, shorter, and branded to your website.

The Importance of SEO for Your Affiliate Marketing Success

The essence of any website is to get people to read it and take action on whatever you want them to do. If you have a website then you already know the importance of web traffic. Web traffic is to Internet marketing as location is to real estate. It’s the only thing that really matters. If you cannot generate targeted visitors to your site, you will not make any sales and that means no commission.

There are two ways to get traffic to a website – Free or Paid ways. Website traffic is driven by pay-per-click ads, social media, search engines, links on other websites and other traffic methods.

The best way to get free natural traffic to your website is to get your website on the first pages of the search engines. Millions of websites are competing to get attention on the same topic and the only way to outrank the competition is to optimize your website to get ranked.

As an affiliate, you know the current challenges of promoting your site on search engines. The focus of SEO typically revolves around creating unique content. It used to be a lot easier to generate higher rankings – even by repeating the same keywords.

However, Google algorithms are now a lot more sophisticated and are looking for content that adds value. To get good SEO results, you need to have interesting, consistently updated content.

Search engines look for different variables in order to rank websites. Search engines look at content, performance, authority, user experience amidst other variables. Top internet marketers use something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure their websites have what the search engines are looking for.

So search engine optimization or SEO is a process of telling the search engines that your website or blog is relevant enough to be ranked at the top in their search. So the objective of SEO is to get natural traffic from the search engines.

Nobody knows exactly the full variables the search engines are looking for. Only the search engine staffs do. This is kept a secret or else everyone will be playing dirty tricks just to outrank one another.

Doing some SEO tricks help get your site listed in the search engines for your chosen keyword. Lets say you have a page about “how to lose weight with diet pills” and your keyword is “diet pill”. Then it is important to build links to that page using the keyword. It is also important to find long tail keywords from your seed keyword.

Long tail keywords can be ranked more quickly and can make up the bulk of your website traffic when used properly. Finding long tail keywords can be done using a very simple tool, Google related searches or the Google planner tool.

It is also important that you link to your site via different sources. There are many places to get links from. Forums, web 2.0 sites, article directories, YouTube etc.

Although i don’t focus too much on SEO these days because its just too complicated. But its important to do basic SEO like adding unique content and getting links to your affiliate pages. Nowadays i just focus on getting traffic via other means and then hope i get listed for one of my chosen keywords on the search engines especially Google.

Some of my pages have been lucky in the past.

How to Where to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Apart from doing SEO for your website, you need to get direct traffic to your website. This is what I focus on these days apart from some new techniques (later on that). The best part of getting traffic from these sites is that you can also build links to your affiliate website at the same time.

Its like doing SEO and getting direct traffic at the same time. Below are some places to add or post your affiliate links:


This is a really simple way of getting a your affiliate links out there. All you have to do is join forums and comment on threads or open your own thread. Add your affiliate links in your signature and when people click on it and buy they make you money.

Here I need to tell you that, to get visitors who will buy, you need to join niche forums that is all about what you are promoting. If you are promoting weight loss pills, then its no use posting your affiliate links on internet marketing forums. There are many weight loss forums to join and post links to.

But the most important thing here is that you should be helpful. Its not about just adding links and hoping people will click. If you can answer people’s questions the best you can and provide solutions, they will be encouraged to click on your signature just to see what you have to offer.

You can also add the link to your money website. If the forum has dofollow links, then it helps your SEO efforts.

Web 2.0 Sites

One of my favorite Web 2.0 sites to build up powerful residual traffic, social presence, and links is Hubpages.

Although Hubpages has changed since the Google algorithm changes started. Some years back, you could almost instantly get 1st page rankings on Google, and then promote Clickbank products directly in your hub. Now everything has changed but it is still very effective for getting traffic.

Start by trying to get a Hub title/domain that matches your keyword. Choose a domain that has your keyword in it. If HubPages won’t allow you to link to a page on your money site (because it contains Clickbank links, is too promotional, or is on a topic they don’t allow) then link through to a different Web 2.0 property.

For example, if you have a Squidoo lens, you could link to that instead – and then link to your affiliate website from there. Squidoo allows affiliate links.

A site like Squidoo’s even has built-in affiliate modules such as Amazon, eBay and Cafepress. Its also a good web 2.0 to get traffic and a good place for gaining incoming links to your own money website.

Major web 2.0 sites to get traffic and build links from include Hubpages, Squidoo, InfoBarrel and Bukisa. Web 2.0 site like Ukritic actually allows you to directly place Clickbank links into your articles.

Article Marketing Sites

Article sites are good places to also get traffic from. You can write a 300-400 articles and post it on these sites with a link to your money site.

There  are tons of article sites out there but its important to choose sites that have high volume of traffic and they rank well in the search engines.  That means that when you write a keyword-optimized article for one of these sites, you generally have a better chance of getting traffic from the search engines than if you had submitted the same article at a lesser known site.

Top article directories include, and

Please remember as you visit the sites, that each one has its own set of rules and restrictions.  Some allow you to post multiple links, while others allow just one in your bio.  Be sure to read each site’s rules before posting, or you risk them banning your account.

Social Media

Another good way to make affiliate sales is by posting to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can create fan pages around your products or money sites. Most times its just good to link to your money sites and not directly to the  offer page.

Although affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started. if you just get an affiliate link and start hustling it around social media, you will be missing out on plenty of sales, traffic, and good will with your audience that you could gain by taking a different approach and creating value first.

You can get great results by delivering compelling content and then promoting your affiliate link at the end of your content. You can link to your money site with URL shortening services. Certain link shortening services do not allow you to use affiliate links so just link to your money site.

For example does not allow clickbank hop links, and several other URL shorteners do not allow this either, but the service does for now. In time they might also start disallowing this.


Another great way to get traffic to your review site is to post your links on video sites. The best video sharing site is YouTube.

You can create videos series about your niche That way you can add affiliate links into your description, or over your video, and convert some of that fan base into affiliate profits.

Success with YouTube videos comes down to keyword selection and knowing how to rank in YouTube search (long description, keywords, tags, playlists) to get the traffic to the video. Of course a good video that is engaging is better. It really makes the viewer want to click on the link when or after watching the video.

You can outsource a review of a product on Fiverr for just $5. Yes that’s what i do for my affiliate products. I promote software and money making programs, so i just buy the software and give it to a video creator to do a review for me. That’s all you got to do with YouTube videos.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to make recurring commission from people on your email list or subscribers. If you have a list, then you can continue to market products to them and get recurring affiliate commissions.

The more subscribers you have, the more commissions you are likely to make from time to time.

There are many ways to build a list. You can add a web form on your review site sidebar or buy solo ads or give out a viral eBook.

The best part of email marketing now is that you can build a list for free with a service like mailchimp. You only start paying once you have more than 2,000 subscribers.

You can also use Aweber which cost just $1 the first month. The first month gives you opportunity to build a reasonable amount of subscribers before you start paying $19 a month.

Write and Give Out a Free eBook

You can write a free eBook and insert affiliate links in it or link to your review site. If your eBook is well written and promoted, it will go viral. A “viral” product is one that is designed to spread (often quickly) to a great many people. This can be a great way of getting your affiliate links out there without ever having to create a website of your own.

For example, you can produce a short 20-page eBook or a special report on a particular subject, insert your affiliate products into it, then distribute your book through whatever means you like.

This is the best way to become an authority in your niche. You can build email list this way too.

Pay Per Click Ads

You can also Promote affiliate products directly through pay-per-click advertisements. You can buy Google Adwords and get traffic via Google partners. If the product is good with a good landing page, you can indeed make a profit at the end of your campaign.

Lets say you buy 100 clicks at the rate of $1 and you are promoting a product worth $30 commission. If you get like only 5 sales out of the 100 clicks, you would have made a profit of $50.

There are other ad networks like Bing ad networks etc.

Modern Affiliate Marketing Tactics

Yeah you now know how affiliate marketing works, the process and the general ways of making money with this model. But there is a new way of actually making money with affiliate marketing.

It involves some tricks and tactics but its purely legal and its the way to go now if you want to make big commissions at the end of the month.

While quality content and user engagement is the best form of marketing online, you still have to manipulate things to get more and more people to visit your page and make you commissions.

There are plugins and software like jacking software, cloning software, optin plugins, countdown timers, tube jacking tools, social marketing tools, action bars etc. that really helps with getting more eyes to see your offers, increase clicks and sales.

Jacking tools – allow you to take over a landing page that you like and take advantage of its visitors. Its a good tool for getting a chunk of traffic that goes to a popular website.

Cloning tools – allows you clone a landing page that you like. These tools makes you build any landing page without actually paying for it. You can clone any good landing page and therefore make good commissions with that page.

Countdown timers – allows affiliates to make visitors quickly make up their mind and buy stuffs you want them to buy. This tool is very effective and its one of the reason my commissions keep climbing each day.

Optin, web form pop-ups – are good tools for quickly building email lists. Email marketing is the best way to advertise to people who trust and follow you and so allows you to make commissions from them over and over again.

Tube ad tools – allow you make huge commissions from videos. Videos are good ways to do reviews and adding an affiliate links directly on videos greatly improves the chances of viewers clicking on your affiliate links. If you go to YouTube now, you will see how Google ads ads on videos, that’s exactly what this tool does.

These days people love to watch videos and creating video reviews is a nice way to increase conversions. No matter your niche and product you are promoting, you can make videos for them. All you need to do is create videos with screen cast software and get someone to do the voice over on Fiverr for $5.

There are many other tools and they are the reason why I don’t do traditional affiliate marketing promotions like I used to. I mean I don’t really have time doing SEO. There is too much work involved.

I still get involved in adding great content to my sites and traffic from forums but the tools help me get traffic more easily and also improves clicks and conversions.

How to Improve Affiliate Commissions

You can increase your affiliate commissions if you take note of the points below.

Promote Products You Know a Lot About

Make sure you are promoting products you know a lot about. That way you can write a good review based on the benefits of the product. People want to buy stuffs because of how it benefits them. The more you know about a product, the better you will be able to promote it.


Even if you have not used a product before, it will do you a lot of good to do further research about the product. Apart from what you have on the merchants sales letter, you also need to look for the experience of other users of the products. Read other review sites.

Write a Good Review

This is the result of the two points above. In other to write a good review about a product, you need to know enough and do more research about the product. You need to be a sales man yourself.

Write a good review of the product or service and encourage your readers to click on your link to see what is on the other side and how it will benefit them.

Don’t Sell But Recommend a Product

The best approach to making affiliate commissions is to recommend products. Don’t just ask them to buy but tell them how the product will help them and how you think it they are better off buying it.

People don’t like when you tell them to bring out their money. They want you to tell them about a product that will solve their problems and all they need is recommendation.

Get the Right Marketing Tools

Like I said above, using the right tools will help you make bigger commissions. Most of these tools are expensive but you make bigger bucks compared to when you don’t have them. Just one of these tools can double your affiliate commissions.

How to Get Paid

Once you help make sales, its now time to get paid. Most of the affiliate networks pay with PayPal, Check or Bank transfer.

If you have a foreign PayPal account that receives payment, you can add it to account and once you reach your payment threshold, your accrued amount will be sent to your PayPal account when due.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, then the bank transfer option is available. To use bank transfer option, you can sign up with Payoneer for free and you will be given a US account with a MasterCard.

Learn how to apply and get a Payoneer account

Just add your US account to your account and you get paid to that account once you reach your payment threshold. You can then withdraw your money from your account with your Payoneer MasterCard.

Most affiliate networks have a payment threshold of $100. But you can set your payment threshold to what ever you like above $100.

Top Affiliate Networks to Join

As online businesses increase, there are heaps of affiliate programs to choose from. Below are the top ones i have gathered that are easy to get into. When it comes to commissions, brands and other favorable conditions these programs are unbeatable.

You get paid via PayPal, Check or Payoneer (straight into your bank account). Become an affiliate and start making money today!


Amazon is the largest affiliate network in the world. Their affiliate program is called Amazon associate program.

One good thing about Amazon is that it is a trusted brand – everyone knows Amazon. If someone were going to buy online, Amazon would have to be one of the safest options. So people are comfortable when you refer them to Amazon.




Amazon accept anyone including Nigerians so you have no problem getting accepted. The commissions may seem small starting at 4% and for most products and can go as high as 8% depending upon how many products you see sold.

Commissions on higher value products can really boost your commission. if you promote a high value product (like a camera or TV) the commission can be decent.

Another great thing about Amazon is that when your lead buys anything you get commissions for it. Even if he buys something besides what you sent him to buy. You also get commissions for all items he buys.

Many people load up their cart with numerous items so you get commission for all items. The only downside to Amazon is the cookie length which is just 24 hours.


Clickbank is still probably the largest digital marketplace (JVZoo is catching up) and its the network most people hear a lot about when talking about affiliate marketing. One good thing about this network is that, its very easy to get into. You don’t need that much information when you sign up unlike most other affiliate networks.




Disadvantage is that they don’t have a place for people living in Nigeria. Nigeria is not even on the list. But there is always a way around this. You can just sign up with another country address and get a US account number to get your payments.


Aliexpress is a B2B ecommerce site launched in April 2010. It is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide. They launched their affiliate program in 2013 and since then affiliates world wide have been making money promoting their products.

Aliexpress in the past year has sold more items than eBay and Amazon combined which makes it one of the largest ecommerce sites online.  Join aliexpress program here.



AliExpress now features more than one hundred million products supplied by more than 200,000 exporters and manufacturers. The best thing about AliExpress is that it offers free shipping on almost all products which draws in buyers from all around the world. This helps them make lots of sales and this is definitely a good thing for affiliates.

The main reason I promote Aliexpress product (apart from the obvious fact that it converts for me) are:

Trusted brand
Cheap/free shipping items
Accept all major payment cards
Accept all affiliates anywhere in the world
You can promote any product i their store
Have vast products to promote
30 day cookie period
Easy payment method
You get paid for any product someone buys though your link

You can make consistent commissions on aliexpress for a very long time because its such a reliable affiliate network. Read more about how to make money with Aliexpress Affiliate Program


Shareasale is another good network to join. The registration process is fast and easy. After clicking on the sign-up button, you will be directed to a page where you create a username and password and choose your location.

On Shareasale you are required to give the website that they will be using to market the products and give a custom email address that corresponds to your website URL.




With shareasale, you decide which merchants to promote and how to promote them, and when commissions are generated, you can see your statistics in real-time. All payments are consolidated from the programs you participate in, and are paid with one check or direct deposit.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction or CJ for short is one of the largest affiliate networks. If your blog is accepted into the Commission Junction affiliate advertising network, it’s a great program to join. They screen websites so your website better be good.




You have to fill out an application, and if you’re accepted, then you get into the network. But unlike Clickbank or Amazon, you then have to apply to each advertiser’s program individually. That means, even if you get approved to join the network, you might not be able to get accepted into the individual affiliate programs whose ads you want to display on your blog.

The advertisers choose who they want and it all comes down to your website. If your website is good, they will accept you.


I love JVZoo. I love this network because of my niche. Since I promote mostly software and make money programs nowadays, I use mostly affiliate networks like Clickbank and Jvzoo.

On Clickbank, I promote internet marketing eBooks while on Jvzoo, I promote internet marketing tools, plugins, themes etc. Jvzoo is good when it comes to these offers.

Just like Commission Junction, you also have to apply for each merchants products. Most top product owners don’t accept newbies but some will. They reason that newbies will decrease their conversion rate.

On Jvzoo, every time you send a referral to one of their vendors, you are automatically cookied for any other products that vendor might list with them – current or future. For instance, a buyer purchases a product through your affiliate link, if the same buyer buys something else at a later date from the same vendor, you get commissions for it.


jvzoo affiliate program


Even though you haven’t directly referred the buyer to that specific product, you’ll still get paid commission on that sale. That is a good thing and its why i love this network.

Downside is that, all payments are made via PayPal. I mean foreign PayPal that accept funds. ,Your Nigerian PayPal will not work in this case. Jvzoo is yet to embrace Payoneer so you can’t get your funds if you don’t have a foreign PayPal account.

Although its possible to contact your affiliate manager and ask to get your funds via bank transfer. Then you can get your money via Payoneer. I have not tried this though so I am not sure. I have a functional PayPal account so can’t tell.

They adopt a direct PayPal payment which means you are paid directly by PayPal and you get your money instantly. You don’t have to wait for payment threshold or at the end of the month. You get paid every dollar as they come.

But this method of payment has its downside and that’s handling refunds. When a buyers requests for refunds, the money is removed from your PayPal account. This network along with Payspree are the places where you have to deal with refunds. I get this sometimes and at first i hated it. But i get my money everyday into my PayPal account and its a good thing.


Konga is an e-commerce website based in Nigeria. This company run their affiliate program in-house and give out up to 9% per confirmed sales. Konga has a cookie length of 30 days so its a good affiliate program to make money from.


konga affiliate program


Konga has variety of products to promote. Konga pays via local bank transfer. You can join Konga affiliate program here….


This is another company present in many African countries including Nigeria. As a Jumia affiliate, you promote any products on your website and earn a commission with every order placed from your website or from your affiliate link. Best thing about Jumia is that their Commission is up to 11%.




You get commission if the customer purchases within 30 days of clicking. Jumia pays via local bank transfer.

There are many others you can join but these are the top ones.

How Affiliate Marketing Has Worked For Me

The affiliate sites that I have been successful with include Jvzoo, Payspree, Amazon and Clickbank. I have also been successful with some in-house affiliate software making programs.

Since I am fully into the make money niche, I promote internet marketing tools like WordPress themes and plugins. There are new good tools that is being released everyday and so there is always money to make everyday.

I also promote online money making programs and courses. There are quality products being released on Clickbank. I just look out for products with quality landing pages, good feedback and low refunds rate.

I have a personal blog that I operate using an alias. This is to make sure I target people out there in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. You can’t really make much if you promote to people here in Nigeria because most Nigerians don’t have access to PayPal which is the preferred payment processor for most offers.

Konga and Jumia are good affiliate programs and i am just getting into that now. As a Nigerian, you can promote their products through social media, your own personal store etc.

I have some loyal subscribers and followers and using the 10 models of online marketing, I have created a loyal fan base that buy my offers when they read my blog and get my weekly emails.

Using email marketing means I make money from my loyal subscribers who I have developed a relationship with. Also using paid methods of marketing also means I make money everyday from interested buyers.

I make money every time I send out my newsletter and offers. Creating quality content is always a good way to get people to relate to you and your brand.

I also have a thriving social media community. My Facebook page I use for my affiliate money pages now has close to 2,000 fans. Not a lot but this is a page built up with real people who liked the page.

I did not do any Facebook ads buying or anything. I built it same way I built my local Facebook fan page which has almost 3,000 fans. Pure fans who liked my page because they really liked it not some bought fake fans.

I also have quality plugins. I have more than 10 premium plugins for use to steal traffic, clone websites, jack busy websites, get subscribers or add affiliate links to videos. Those tools let me make more money with affiliate marketing without breaking sweat.

With just one offer, i sometimes rake in hundreds of dollars a day and i have hundred of offers on my affiliate sites. I used to operate many affiliate sites or micro-niche websites when I started but prune that down to two after the Google updates.

I have an internet marketing blog and a video review blog. Its all I need and they are what makes me lots of money every month.

Many people have asked me how I have been able to combine affiliate marketing, creating products and selling stuffs on Fiverr and i always tell them that its because affiliate marketing is about the easiest way to make money online.

Once you set up your website and add tools you need, you only need some few minutes or hours to write a post on your blog and send affiliate offers to your subscribers. Few minutes or hours of work can earn you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

So you have time to do other things like doing some other online models.

I will continue to do affiliate marketing for a long time. Its so easy and yet the reward is high. All you need to do is start with all the steps I outlined in this free eBook and start smiling to the bank too.

How to Get Started

Starting an affiliate marketing business is very easy and you can start right away.

Important things you should focus on:

1. Learn to build quality website.
2. Write quality reviews of products
3. Select good products in the niche that you will be promoting.
4. Learn to do quality promotions to get buyers to click on your link
5. Get the right tools to increase your commissions.

One thing is for sure with affiliate marketing -You have nothing to lose to give it a try. You don’t have to pay anything to get approved and you can make lots of money in return.

Now go ahead and start promoting offers and make money. What you just learnt are the basic stuffs and its everything you need to get started.

Note…You need to do more research at this point. There are some things you have to learn and apply. I don’t expect you to come flooding my mails with questions cause I might be busy.

You need to learn and figure somethings out on your own. I am a very busy person and I believe I have been able to show you things you need to know as long as affiliate marketing is concerned.

Just follow the plan, get a domain name, hosting, upload WordPress, add content, build a social media presence and get some affiliate marketing tools. If you follow the plan, then you will earning big bucks everyday like I do without working so hard.

Also note at first you need to work hard. I can work few hours a day or not work at times and still make commissions on my posts and pages. But it wasn’t always like this. At the beginning, I had to work hours to set up my blogs and add content.

I learnt the hard way maybe that’s why it was not so easy when I started. I had to learn many things on my own. But now I am all smiles when I open my PayPal account in the morning and check my Payoneer bank account at the end of the month.

If you want to fast  track the learning process and get more detailed video course on affiliate marketing,  then you can get my premium affiliate marketing program called Affiliate Code System. I also have a program on making money with Aliexpress called Aliblueprint Program.


There is a lot of money to be made with affiliate marketing and you better get to work now and join the party.

Its about the easiest method of online money making like I said before. All you need to do is learn it, apply it and then get paid.

In fact the affiliate marketers are top earners online and for good reason. They only need to get paid for someone else’s work. They don’t have to create a product or anything. They just get half of the product owners share just like that.

I mean as an affiliate marketer, you could earn more than the product owner himself and you don’t have to create product, design sales pages and all that. The product owner does all that.

So I hope you like this report and I hope you put the information here to good use. Note that you can only be successful with this if you apply things you have learnt.

Its not enough to just know how its done in theory, you must apply it before you get paid.


Abiola Oluwasanmi.

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