How to Delete or Deactivate Your Fiverr Account

There are times when you might want to delete your Fiverr account. Before now its a little difficult to get that done on Fiverr. You needed to contact support to delete the account and some times they never respond. But now you can delete your unwanted Fiverr account right inside your account.

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deleted your fiverr account

There are many reasons you might want to delete an account. One of them is if you have multiple accounts and Fiverr keeps deactivating your accounts. One thing Fiverr does not want is you having multiple accounts. This is the main reason why many sellers are having their accounts deactivated.

Fiverr deactivates accounts when they see different accounts coming from your IP. Once your account is deactivated, its hard to get it back. The only safe way to operate multiple accounts is to operate different accounts on different IPs using VPNs.

To be safe, its best to delete an abandoned account and leave one that you want to keep. If you have accounts that you don’t operate anymore, delete it.

Some times, you just don’t want some accounts anymore and you want to open another account, best to deactivate or delete that account before you open another. Note that once an account is deactivated, that account cannot be restored.

To delete an account, place your mouse over your username and click “Settings” then “Account Actions”.

Down on the page, you will see “Why are you leaving? section”. Select a reason from the drop-down list. Choose any from the list.

Now click “Deactivate Account”. You will receive a message indicating that your Fiverr account is closed.

Now your account has been successfully closed or deleted.

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