How To Create And Sell Information Products – Detailed Tutorial

Creating and selling Information product is one of the best ways to earn a living online. Its one of the best models of online marketing. Its a model where you create information products in eBook or video formats and sell it online.

You can write your eBook and sell it on your own personally created website or sales page. That means you have to create and host your sales page including dealing with orders and customers.

You can also write and sell your eBook on third party sites. Sites like ClickBank, JVZoo, Payspree and Commission Junction (CJ) will help you sell your books. These companies have millions of affiliates who will help you sell your eBooks or video products.

You will have to create your book in Portable Digital Format (PDF) to sell as an eBook for it to be downloaded and read easily online.

Amazon also has a special format called kindle books which can be read on their Kindle devices. You can create your book in kindle book format and sell on Amazon to be read on their Kindle device.

Its a nice way to make money online while also helping people solve their problems.

In this information marketing model, the person involved ONLY sells products. They put together products within a niche, get customers and then send out offers. The offers direct people to go to a specific web page, most often called a Landing page.

This page then SELLS people on buying that specific product. When done correctly, this model works very well. Every top internet marketer has info products and they make millions with this model.

Information products are an excellent way to leverage your time and help many people by creating your product once and selling it over and over. It’s relatively easy to create and deliver an info product, which means it gives you a high return on investment.

Anyone can turn their expertise into an information product. You don’t need to create a boring experience either, and an info product can range from a simple eBook to a complex members area where participants can interact with each other and the material.

It’s the best marketing model which brings continuous returns and makes you an authority.

Why is it The Best Marketing Model?

When I first started selling my Fiverr marketing products, my initial goal was to make N100,000 a month in profit in addition to what i was making on my affiliate/CPA sites and on Fiverr.

And guess what? The very first week i made N150,000 in pure profit. It wasn’t long before I was doing N200,000 a week in profit – and then within a few weeks I even had my first N100,000 a day.

Building an information product or starting an information product business is the fastest way to achieving everything you want in your life, by helping others to get what they want in their own life.

I know because it’s given me everything that I have today and through the years I’ve been able to affect thousands upon thousands of people through my products, trainings, courses, reports, videos and coaching calls.

Now you just have to realize why people would buy informational material. All you need to ask yourself is that:

1. Is the person going through pain and urgency, or irrational passion?
2. Is there an audience proactively searching for solutions… and already spending money to satisfy this desire, want or need?
3. From the audiences’ perspective, do they have any options?
4. Is there potential for a long term relationship? (Meaning… are there back-end options/opportunities?)

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you have something to create a product on.

You don’t have to be an expert to create a product. Just try to recognize what people around you want and give it to them.

You need to know what sells in Nigeria if all you want is focus on the Nigerian market. Actually products that sell in our part of the world is different from what sells out there.

You need to know that the best way to make money with info product is to develop a customer centered message. When creating a product, your number one aim is not to make money or else you will develop a product that is not about the customer but about you.

I always develop my info products around my 10 pillars of internet business. Before i ever start typing or recording video or putting pen to paper, i always answer the following seven questions. They always help me to develop a customer-centered perspective.

1. What is my potential customer’s needs or problems?
2. What makes this problem worth solving or addressing?
3. What goals must be served by whatever action is taken?
4. What goals have the highest priority?
5. What product can i offer that will solve the problem or meet the need?
6. What results is my product going to give or what results are likely to follow from each of my potential recommendations?
7. Comparing these results to the customers desired outcomes or goals which recommendation is best?

You have to know that info product is not about you but about your potential customer. He is not going to buy your product just because your eBook cover is beautiful or something like that.

He is not buying your product just because he has a lot to spend. In fact most of the cases in Nigeria, people buy info product because they don’ have enough money.

Usually my product creation goes like this and it’s all wrapped around my 10 pillars of internet business. Starting from the beginning to the end, i always create my product and they have all been very successful netting me over 3 million Naira in 6 months – having sold close to 400 copies of my Fiverr programs at N10,000 a piece for the full program and N5,500 for part of the program.

Not bad considering i don’t have time to promote it like I should. It’s also a good addition to what I make from my core online businesses which is affiliate/CPA marketing and on Fiverr doing some SEO/Graphics works.

Now i am venturing outside and going international with my products on weight loss and diet/cookbook. I am going to launch that on Clickbank soon. I also have in place some exercise videos in production. That is sure to net me more millions.

All i need to do is expand my customer base with my alias online on my other personal blog. It’s going to be huge and maybe i will be able to fulfil my dream finally this year and maybe retire in the game and move on to something bigger in life.

How Profitable is The Info Product Market?

Well, the info marketing model is probably the best or at par with affiliate marketing model depending on how you look at it. I know people who make millions online just selling their own products. They come out with info products every now and then and they continue to make money.

I personally make money from creating my own products. I make more money with affiliate and CPA marketing and product creation comes second. I think why i have made more from affiliate marketing is because i spend more time doing it than putting products together.

What I make from product creation is sure to go up soon with my Information Product Machine and Affiliate Code System. Two products centered around how i make money from information products and affiliate marketing respectively.

But In the last 6 months, as I said before, i have sold close to 400 copies of my Fiverr Fast Track and Fiverr Wealth System. That’s over N3,000,000 from product creation alone.

This is a product with about 200 total registered members and close to 200 unregistered members who bought part of the program at half price.

Now that’s about N500,000 a month from info product alone and what i make keeps climbing each month. Now that’s a general managers salary from one model only and i don’t have to wake up at 6 am and go to bed at 10 pm daily working for someone else.

I work whenever i want and i enjoy my time doing what i do. Now that’s not a lot when you compare that to what guys who are into this fully make. That’s how profitably this model is at least from where i stand.

Using my 10 pillars of online business, you can come out with an info product any time. Now let us apply my 10 pillars of internet business to info product creation.

Info Product Creation Using the 10 Pillars of Internet Business

Now let us apply the 10 pillars of online business to information product creation. Just follow the steps from start to finish and this will help you figure out how to create a product and how those who create products do it.

The term “info product” or “information product” is typically associated with educational e-books (of either Kindle, simple PDF, or e-pub variety), audio recordings, or digital video recordings, and, in most cases, a combination of all of the above.

Essentially, an info product is some sort of intellectual property content, stored in a digital format suitable for selling on the Internet.

But first when we talk of info product, it does not mean products on how to make money online only. Most people think of info product to mean only product on how to make money. Info products can be products in any niche like agriculture, arts, women, sex, marriage, graphics etc.

This categories of eBooks on Clickbank will give you an idea of different info products you can package and sell. Take a look at this image below I got from Clickbank.

That is the categories of info products being sold on Clickbank. You can package a product in any field of life as long as people need info on it.

For example, you can package a product on rice farming, importation, garlic exportation, computer programming, cake baking, sports betting, travel abroad, overseas education, how to get lucrative jobs etc.

These are information being searched for online daily. People will pay you to give them quality information on any of these if you could come up with quality information.

In Nigeria, products on make money online, jobs, agriculture, exportation, importation, website design, graphics, education, travel abroad will sell any time any day.  All you need to do is know how to create these products and get it out there.

Now me show you how you can put together a good product and sell it.

Getting Product Ideas

Getting products to write about is the first step in info product creation. Talking about things to write about, I encourage you to start from the local market. No need to jump into the international market trying to get your products on Clickbank or JVzoo. There is a large market here and you should explore it first before venturing outside.

The best way to get product ideas is to look out for problems people have or problems you think they have. Best places to visit to get product ideas are on forums and Social media groups.

I always encourage anyone starting online to register on forums and be a regular member and participate in discussions. There are forums for any niche be it agriculture, education, sports and make money online.

There are also Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and other social media groups. Since we are creating a product for the local market then we will find problems in Nigeria’s forums or social media groups.

Now lets assume we want to create a product on how to make money online. The best places to go to to get product ideas would be online marketing forums like Hotspot Forum or Nairaland.

Hotspot Forum is an internet marketing forum I created where you can register for free and participate in internet marketing discussions. Just go there, register and look at discussions on different internet marketing topics. See what problems people have and then have a look at the market.

Since its an internet marketing forum, the discussions are on all online money making topics like affiliate marketing, product creation, freelancing, graphics, web design, SEO, Programming, Stocks etc.

On Nairaland, the most dominant discussions are on how to make money online, travel abroad, study abroad, jobs, careers, graphics, importation, sports betting etc. There is always something to research and create products on.

Make money online, travel abroad, sports betting, exportation, importation are evergreen niches and will always continue to be as long as people want a better life in Nigeria.

You can also package any product in any niche or sub-niche. For example, in the education niche and the study abroad sub-niche, you can decide to package a product on how to gain admission into the University of Norway for free.

Now i know that kind of product will sell because that’s all we are about as youths in Nigeria. We all fantasize about gaining admission to a reputable institution abroad if its possible. Now a product on that will fetch you millions.

How to get admission to University of Norway for free is a good product idea. Another one can be in the make money niche. You can package a product on how to make money on Fiverr or you can go for a specific gig on Fiverr and create a product on it. Example; ‘how to make money on Fiverr with transcription service”.

I know people have problems with making money online because as you can see on Hotspot Forum, people want to know how to make money online freelancing on Fiverr or with affiliate marketing or importation etc.

Another way is to package a product based on your knowledge and interest. Can you bake or you are a good decorator? You can package a product around that and make money with it. There are ladies that will pay for such info.

Of course there must be market for it. If there is no market for a product, then there is no need wasting time putting one together.

If you are a good web designer, you can create a product on that. Just create a list of problems people have and pick the one that you have interest in or more knowledgeable at.

See questions people ask on these forums and on Facebook groups and then you will get an idea of what people really want. Something someone will pay for if you can put together a quality product.

Now after having a product idea and you have analyzed the market and see that it will indeed make you money, then its time to start gathering information.

Gather Information/Research

Most marketers will tell you to do some keyword research to find out if the market will be profitable. Yes you can use the Google keyword planner to do some keyword volume search and see if the main keyword has high volume monthly searches.

I don’t bother with this tool when creating local products anyways cause I create products in the make money niche and you don’t need a keyword tool to tell you how badly people need a product on how to make money online. Visits to the forums and groups tell it all.

Looking at the keyword tool and searching for “study abroad”, I get 390 average monthly searches and it looks like its not that high but a product on study abroad we all know will sell.

So the keyword planner tool won’t work for product creation all the time. A search on “how to make money with Fiverr” gives a low monthly search but I know for sure thousands are looking for info on this everyday.

So what I am trying to say is that, the Google keyword tool or any other keyword research tools don’t work all the time like most marketers will tell you.

A good resource for me is always the forums and social media groups. You can see how badly people want things and most of the time, they don’t use Google. They find their answers on forums or social media groups. And a lot of Nigerians use mobiles anyways.

Basically for me I just look around me and look at what people are buying. If they are not getting quality products, I just put together quality products that will meet the demands already in place.

After that, you can start to do more research to get solutions to the problems people have. You can do your research using the search engines and see what other experts have written about the subject.

Nothing is new and I am sure you will find loads of contents about anything you want online on forums, blogs, YouTube etc.

Read as many materials on your chosen niche and write them down. Just try to be as knowledgeable as possible about the subject. That’s the only way you can put together quality materials.

Gathering information based on the questions you see people are asking goes a long way in creating a perfect product that provides solution.

Creating Your Brand

Now you need to put yourself out there and try to become an authority. You have to let people know that you are the person that can help them with their problems. You don’t become an authority by first selling products.

You should know that people are not always comfortable given you money when they don’t know that you can indeed help them. You become an authority by first helping out for free.

This is exactly what i did when i started my Fiverr Marketing Forum group on Facebook and when I created my blog I decided to help people solve their problems on Fiverr and i have become an authority on Making Money Online on Fiverr since then.

The group now as at August 2014 boasts of over 8,000 members. That’s what you should do if you want to create your own brand. Help as many people as you possibly can and then they will respect you for it.

But forums are better places to help out because it’s a place where you will always have your answers permanent. In groups, your posts are buried after a while usually less than a day and it’s gone.

We want to contribute to a place where we will have our posts and discussions sitting there and accessible at all times for a long time. I still have my posts on Nairaland and Hotspot Forum giving me continuous traffic and those pages will continue to for a long time.

You can join Hotspot forum for example if your chosen niche is in the make money online super-niche and go to any forum and answer questions.

If you don’t have answers right away, you can do research on Google and offer solutions. I know it might seem like wasting your own time just to help people out but trust me, it will work out for you later on.

You will become that person people call or send messages to seek help. Yes at times they will start bugging you and all that but soon you will realize that you now have potential customers to sell any product you want to.

Writing Your Info Product

Writing the content of the product is where most people have problems. There are many ways to package a product and you can decide to package your product as a PDF or Videos. It’s up to you.

Most people prefer to create eBook as a PDF. It’s okay as long as you are here to satisfy the need of your potential customers.

I personally write my products myself based on my experience having been working online for some years now. For the first 3-4 years i did not package a product. I was earning money online doing affiliate marketing, CPA marketing and working on Fiverr.

So over the years i have gained so much experience doing what i do and it’s easy for me to put together info products every week if i wanted.

So experience does count with some little research if you are in some niches like the make money online niche. But at the same time, it’s easy to put together info product even in a niche that you are not that familiar with.

For some niches like “travel abroad”, you could put together a product even if you have never travelled abroad before.  Its just a matter of research and finding useful info on travel.

There are many ways to get your content. Of course from your research on forums, blogs, educational materials, PLR articles, YouTube etc.

Buying and rewriting a PLR article is the easiest way to create a product. You can get a PLR article and rewrite it and sell as your own as long as you have the resale rights to it. Don’t sell someone else’s product cause it will backfire on you. There are many places to get cheap Privates Label Rights or PLR Products.

You can even outsource your product creation on the micro job sites like Fiverr. You might find good article writers there to write something good for you.

To create your eBook, all you need is your Microsoft word document or Open Office.  Write your content and convert to PDF or Portable Digital Format. Open Office for example has an inbuilt PDF converter.

You can create video products using a screen casting software like Camtasia Studio.

Creating Sales Page

Now you have to set up an online shop to sell your digital product. This is your landing page where you have to add your sales letter. You can write your own ads by first learning some copywriting skills or get someone to write it for you.

There are good copywriters out there and on Fiverr you can get one for as low as $20. You can make your sales page all text, mixed with some graphics or all graphics.

You can also outsource the graphics part on Fiverr if you don’t know how to design graphics. You will need an eBook cover design too and in cae of video, a DVD cover.

If you want to learn to design graphics like covers, sales page elements and sales page itself, then get a copy of Fiverr Fast Track.

I create my sales pages with WordPress and there are quality premium themes you can use like optimizepress or convertible. But you don’t need a premium template. There are good quality free themes out there you can find online, download and create sales page on.

Be the master sales man but make sure you sound real. People can see through you and know when you are actually telling them the truth or you are lying. The graphics is meant to make your sales letter pop and draw your buyers in.


Now after creating your product, go to the same forums and groups and let them know you have a better solution or an advanced solution to the freebies you have always given them.

Go to more and more forums, article sites, groups, Q/A sites etc and get people to see your product. People buy because they want things. They buy because they’re yearning for the perceived benefits of what you provide. The relationship you had developed all this time makes them want to see your offer.

The more eyes you invite to see your product, the better the chances of making sales later on.

Close Sales

Now after you have gained enough traffic, sales will start to come in. All you need to do is create enough traffic links that will get leads for you.

Now some will contact you directly and it’s up to you to be the master salesman and close the deal. Some will not buy unless they get in touch with you. Some want to hear your voice and even ask questions to see if you can indeed deliver.

Apart from selling your products via your sales page, you can also sell your product in the Special Offers section of Hotspot Forum. There you get ready made exposure for your products and since you have built a reputation for yourself here, then it’s easy to sell to those you have helped before.

For peanut, you can list your product on Hotspot Forum and get unlimited sales opportunity from those who are ready to buy.

You can boost sales creating a product that will be relevant for a long time and with promise of update, support and quality delivery. It’s like building a value machine that will last a long time.

Protect Your Online Reputation

Now your reputation is on the line with every product you put out there and you must protect it. Whatever you promise, you must deliver. If you promised result then result they must get.

If you promised support then support they must get or else you will lose some of your customers. At this point, you should know that the best customers to sell to later on are the ones that you have satisfied in the past.

Transparency is the key here except you are here to sell a one time thing. If you want to continue to produce more products, then you have to be honest in your dealings. Be who you say you are. It’s like corporate image; you need to protect that image.

The right image creates a bond of trust between you and the marketplace, enables you to achieve your goals, and boost your earnings. The wrong one can block attainment of your goals and deplete your bank account. That’s a fact.

Rinse/Repeat & Growth

Now all you have to do is create more and more product after the success of the first one. That’s why it is important you put your all in the first one. If you want to get rich out of your first product, then don’t even bother because you can’t.

Your first product is like the catalyst that is needed to make you millions down the road. Create a good product the first time and people will rush for your second one.

There is always a problem to be solved somewhere. There are hundreds of stuffs to write something about: Weight loss, travel abroad, study abroad, real estate, graphics design, sex, love etc.

You just have to go from one to the other. Don’t ever try to create multiply products at a time. One product at a time because then, you will put your all in it.

Service your customers and give them all the assistance they need. Just because you got their money this time does not mean you can’t get more off of them. They will come back for more if they need it. Mess up the first time and they are gone and take with them some of your other potential customers.

But it’s going to take you a while to get from point A to point Z. I mean you will have to take your time to learn the ropes. Nobody becomes a good product creator all of a sudden.
Now How Do i Start?

Now let me tell you what to do and where to start. This is what you should do starting now. Go and register on Hotspot Forum and Nairaland and be a member there.

Look around and see what problems people have. If there is no thread in any area you feel you are interested in, create a thread and post a helpful post.

Go from thread to thread and answer questions people have or join in on discussions already going on. As i said before, if you don’t have answers to any question, do a simple Google search.

If someone asked a question on how to install WordPress via Cpanel, to get answers, just go to Google and type “how to install WordPress via Cpanel”. Go through the results and read through the first 3 posts and get a good idea of the subject and solution.

Now give a reply in your own words and try as much as possible to give honest answers.. At this point you should not care about selling any stuff. You are building a reputation or brand for yourself and that’s what you should do. Don’t hold back.

Do this for a while and you will become an authority people come to for answers. Although experience counts most time because there are things you can’t get on Google. You have to experience some things to know it.

Just answer the ones you know answers to or that you can get answers to and leave the ones you don’t. Hopefully someone will answer them and then you now will have answers to them in case of next time.

Join also relevant Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups. You will learn a lot and also be in a position to offer help and become known.

You can also post ideas and tips on your social media walls just to get people to know you and see you as the go-to-guy for what you add to your wall.

This is all you need to start with and then you can gather enough materials and start creating your own info products.

If you can develop your research, copywriting, graphics skills and know the fundamentals of SEO, then the sky is the limit. Each of these skills work together in different ways, and by understanding the basics of each, you can take any idea and implement for your product creation.

How to Sell Your Product on Third Party Websites

Yu can also sell your finished products on sites like Clickbank, JVZoo, Payspree, Commission Junction etc. Selling your digital product through these third party sites is one of the best ways to quickly get exposure and sales for your product. Within a few business days, you can be up and running and have your product promoted by their huge network of affiliates.

All you have to do is sign up as a publisher and create a sales page. thank you page as well as payment link. When a customer is on your sales Page and ready to buy your product, you need to provide them with a payment link that sends them to the network’s order form, where they can enter their payment information and complete the transaction.

Once the payment is approved, the customer is taken to a page hosted by the networks that confirms their order by providing them with a unique receipt number. Customers are then prompted to click a final link that takes them from this confirmation page to your Thank You Page, where you provide them with the information detailed above.

Its free to sell on some networks like JVZoo while on Clickbank, you pay a one-time $49.95 activation charge.

One of the biggest benefits of being a vendor on any of these third party sites is having access to their huge affiliate network. The affiliates are ready to help you promote your products as long as the commission is right and the product is good.

How to Get Started

To get started all you need to do is follow all the guidelines above. Start by finding solutions to people’s problems. Create a product that has a hungry audience.

You can start first by understanding the psychology of why people buy. Go for things that satisfies people’s desire. Be it problem, pain, pleasure, prevention etc. This will help you come out with products that will sell.

Niches like make money, business, health and fitness, sex and relationships, education, travel abroad etc are evergreen niches. Just think of that problem or pain or desire you can satisfy with your product and there you have a winning product.

I really hope you get how this works. I hope you can follow the plans I just laid out and make use of it. This will definitely be enough for most people to get started and start creating their own information products.

Hope you like this tutorial. Like my Netplus Marketing Page on Facebook to get more tutorial updates.

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