Your First Priority Should be Conversion and Not Traffic

Does huge amount of traffic  translate to sales? Yes and no.

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conversion and traffic

I have to admit, i miss FMF.. Its was a place i could always come up with posts anytime just by looking at members questions and reactions to posts. But i had to look out for myself so that i could sleep better, so i did not regret shutting it down.. And this post is not about whether i should have or shouldn’t have, so no comment on that please….

This post is about traffic, conversions and your first priority when you create your gig. I see lots of people talk about not getting enough traffic or not making sales because they they don’t have traffic at all.

Then last time i saw someone post about having 900,000 impressions and 21,000 page views in a month and still complain of not having traffic because he has got no sales. I mean what is impression and page views?

Impressions is a count of how many times your gig or gigs have been seen. Page views is how many times people have landed on your page to view your gig. That means that guy was getting traffic but his traffic was simply not converting to sales.

This is where conversions and your first priority when you create your gig come in.. You can get 1,000,000 impressions and 100,000 page views and not make a sale and someone with 10,000 impressions and 1,000 page views make 50 sales. Its all about conversions. How is that?.

Conversion is in stages and it starts from when intending buyers click on your gig to land on your gig page up to when they buy. Having them click on your gig on the front page or the call-to-action link on a blog is one conversion. Going to the gig page and browsing though to read your content is another conversion. And, of course, buying your product is yet another conversion which is the ultimate conversion.

Of course the thing we want is the ultimate conversion- for people to buy. But you cannot skip the small steps.. Conversion starts from the first time people click to see your gig on fiverr or see your link anywhere online.

Your page views might not be translating to sales because…

1. People don’t like your gig page —  poor image, bad grammar, no call to action etc.
2. Gig in wrong category… Some people click on your gig in a certain category and then click back if they realized that your service is not what they want. So its important you have your gig in the right category/subcategory.
3. Designs/samples are bad… Some sellers in the graphic niche for example have bad samples.. I see this all the time.. People wont buy if your sample isn’t good. They’d assume if your sample was that bad, imagine what you’d design for them..

Making sales is therefore all about increasing your conversion. Its all about having a good conversion rate and your conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy. How do you do that?

You do that by creating a good gig, intending buyers will love and make your samples/descriptions/call-to-action appealing enough for them to want to give you a trial. Its all in what you have on your gig page.

This is not a face to face business. The buyer does not know you after all. So how come someone else is making sales and you are not? After-all you are all using the same platform and its not like the buyers knew the others before.

Its all about making your own gig appealing too or even better. In your gig page and descriptions, Try as much as possible to do what i outline below…

— Add a guarantee.
— Use tangible action verbs.
— Clearly state the benefits of your gig or service.
— Pay careful attention to your headline or title.
— Use quality video to humanize your brand.
— Incorporate strong calls to action into your description.
— Lose the hype. Most buyers are too savvy to fall for hype-based copywriting.
— Tell buyers exactly what they’re going to get and what they won’t get.
— Include a clear value proposition like telling your potential buyers what’s special about your own gig
— Use high-quality images as your gig image.
— Have your best samples in displaying if you are into visual gigs like graphics

I can go on and on.

So getting millions of traffic should not be your ultimate goal but making sure that the small you get converts. You should worry more about creating a good gig people will fall in love with. A gig with enough call to action in words, image and video.

Leave everything on your gig page. All the actions and reasons why they should buy from you among thousands of sellers. When you now have a good conversion and you start making sales, then you can then worry about getting more traffic in the millions.

Stop finding those bots or that fake tools that wont work.. So many people worry too much about traffic they fail to do the most important thing. You can get all the traffic in the world but if your landing page is poor, you wont make sales.

So for now, your first priority should be converting the traffic you have now. Cheers

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