How Response Rate and Time Will Influence Ranking in Fiverr Search

Looks like the response rate is now being taking seriously by fiverr as fiverr now has a response rate indicator on your account.

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The Response Rate Indicator according to Fiverr is an important tool that

  •       Promotes quicker responses to Buyers. By helping Buyers receive seller responses as quickly as possible, we hope to create a positive experience on Fiverr so that they will return to Fiverr for more orders.
  •       Helps you understand how responsiveness helps grow your Fiverr business and allows you to track your improvement over time.

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The system calculates the number of messages you respond to within 24 hours. This rate will be visible only to sellers, not to buyers.

From all indication, It seems like its only use will be to make sure they rate sellers who respond in time to get good views and special consideration in the search. This to me is for influencing the search results, as Fiverr’s algorithm will be taking the rate into consideration.

Fiverr understands that if buyers get quick response, they can easily make up their mind to buy stuffs. So the sellers with good response rate and time will be pushed more into the search results. This helps them make more money and of course the seller too.

Even though it seems this is going to be a very important factor in the algorithms, you should know that this is just one in many factors for ranking gigs. Number of sales, ratings, good account setup, unique gigs etc., are other very important factors.

So if you want to compete and get good position in the search, then you need to start responding to messages in time. Start by downloading the fiverr app for iOS or Android so that you can see alerts when you receive new messages and easily respond….

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