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I have written many posts on graphics, especially ecover. But lately many people keep asking “what is graphics or ecover?”. Graphics are visual images or designs on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, screen, paper, or stone to inform, illustrate, or entertain.

Ecover designs as well as other graphics have always been some of the best services to offer on fiverr. This is the service that made me a top seller. Its easy for the support staff to recognize you in this niche when you know your stuffs and you get recommendations and feedbacks they like.

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Since i started teaching graphics/ecover i have taught lots of guys who have made level 2 and making 4 figures every month. You know most of them cause most of them are members of my program called Fiverr Fast Track.

This service is hot because publishers/authors of physical or online books need eBook covers for their books. Ecovers help sell books and there are lots and lots of authors coming online each day. Covers can also designed for Kindle books, lulu books, harpercollins books, Video packages, Software, product packages etc.

Most people stay away from this service because of the word “design”. Ecover is something that is easy to create if you have the training as well as the tool and ready made covers you can edit and make your own.

Right now i have thousands of design templates i have designed over the years and some designs i bought. These days, all i need to do is edit some templates that suit what the buyer needs.

Check out some sellers like, or Or just go through the subcategory at

Now tell me those are not making enough to take care of themselves and their family. Its all in the skills they have acquired and they can continue to make money with that skill for a very long time.

If you also have the skill, you can make as much or even more than those guys. All you need is the training, tools and support.

Having a skillset is always the best way to make money on fiverr. If you can design graphics, write articles, create videos/animations, transcribe etc, you can make money anywhere online.

How to Design Ecovers..

What you need are Photoshop and PSD cover templates. Cover templates are pre-designed 2D or 3D shell designs that you can use to create any cover design. Its like the shell that you need to paste something on.

You take any of these 3D templates which are in different forms, open it in photoshop in the 3D format. There are part of the surfaces like the front cover and sides that you need to edit. All you need to so is open each surface that need edits in another tab, edit the surface and save.

Once done, you save each surface and this will also automatically change the 3D templates as a combination of your edited surfaces. Now you can export this as the final design in PSD or PNG formats.

Example of 2D which can serve as Kindle cover as well as the 3D is below…The3D version can be rendered with a ready made template.

If you can get like 50-100 or more of these ready made templates, then all you need to do is edit them for different jobs. That way you can just edit a template you have, change colours, fonts, images and resave. That template also serves as templates for some other works in the future.

This is a straight forward process and those who know how its done are definitely making a killing with this.

You can learn how to design ecovers as well as other graphics like banners, flash banners, headers on YouTube. You just have to dig through lots of videos and you might be lucky with time to learn how to do it..

For the templates, you can buy them or go through the file section for some templates. You really need templates if you don’t want to design from scratch. The more templates you have, the easier your work is.

Get on board and learn a skill like designs and start making money with it. A lot of people here are looking for easy services like selling eBooks etc. That will not pay you for a long time and surely is not high in demand. You need services that are high in demand to make it on fiver and ecover design is the perfect service to render.

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